August 21, 2014

Smoke continues over Canada; Saharan dust in Gulf of Mexico

A large high-pressure system remains over eastern Hudson Bay/Western Quebec, with light density smoke rotating throughout the anticyclone. The entire area encompasses Hudson Bay, Quebec and central Labrador, Ontario, and northeastern Manitoba. The smoke most likely originates from wildfires located to the west in Northwest Territories, although a few newer wildfires appearing in Ontario are producing smoke that is currently being wrapped up in the anticyclone (top left). According to the fires in Canada, the MODIS web posted and image of smoke over Canada captured by the MODIS instrument aboard NASA's Terra satellite last week (top left).
As for local fires, multiple wildfires across northern California and in western Oregon are producing moderate to heavy density smoke, moving eastward across the aforementioned states. A broader area of light density smoke is also visible moving over the coastline of Washington, Oregon, and northern California (top left).
HMS also reported a large plume of Saharan dust visible through the western Gulf of Mexico, moving northward into southern Texas and across the southern/central Plains, into central portions of the Mississippi Valley and into the Ohio Valley. Aerosol Optical Depth retrieved by MODIS shows high aerosol loading in the same areas due to dust (bottom left),
Air quality in the US was mostly good mostly good with moderate readings in the east side of the nation as well as in Southern California (top left).

Posted by Daniel Orozco at August 21, 2014 11:09 PM
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