August 23, 2014

Weekend Edition: Dense smoke off the California Coast and waiting for Iceland

In northern California, a dense smoke plume is advecting westward off the coast. This is from the Happy Camp Complex fire which is now about 15,600 acres and grew about 23% in size yesterday.

Reports are coming Saturday night out of Iceland that an eruption of lava has occurred beneath a glacier. Huffington Post is reporting that Bardarbunga has erupted. The London Volcanic Aerosol Advisory Center (VAAC) is not reporting any advisories. However, with an upcoming vacation trip coming up to Paris, you know that I will be watching these developments. The Guardian on-line has reported that the VAAC has actually changed the warning level to "red" over Iceland. A poster on Daily Kos is on the ground in Iceland and has more detailed information .

Moderate levels of aerosol are seen from the Mississippi to the Atlantic Coast and north through Kentucky and Tennessee.

Update: Sunday, August 24, 2014

Fires continue to burn in the Northwest Territories and British Columbia Canada (left image). And as shown yesterday, clusters of fires continue burning in Northern California (below right). It is not as if a 6.0 Earthquake in Napa was not enough trouble for Northern California. Our condolences go to those who were hit by the Earthquake.

Posted by Ray Hoff at August 23, 2014 10:22 PM
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