August 26, 2014

Smoke over Northern California, Moderate AQI over Eastern Mississippi Watershed

The EPA AQI loop, below left, shows areas of Moderate AQI along both coasts, with an area of Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups in northern California persisting for most of the day. There is also a swath of Moderate AQI stretching from the Great Lakes, down through the Mississippi Valley states, and into the southern Plains. The HMS fire and smoke product, below right, shows smoke in northern California from fires in that region, which may be related to the nearby spot of elevated AQIs, as well as a plume of smoke over most of central Canada, as the smoky summer continues.

The NWS wind graphic, below left, shows little wind near the surface over the continental U.S., so any areas of high ozone or aerosols will largely stay put until they are mixed aloft or rained out. The sounding from Oakland, CA, shows an inversion that would indicate that the aerosols are not likely to circulate out quickly, tending to prolong any periods of raised AQIs in the region.

UMBC lidar timeseries show a cloud capped homogeneous boundary layer extending up to 1.7 km.

Posted by John Sullivan at August 26, 2014 9:01 PM
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