August 30, 2014

Weekend Edition: Smoke streams eastward from California

The Northern California fires continue to stream smoke eastward across Nevada, Utah and Idaho today. The Happy Camp fire has burned 45,000 Acres and the containment status is unknown. It grew in size by 38% yesterday and has vigorous convection. The July Lake complex has burned 39,000 acres but is now about 75% contained. In Southern California, ozone continues to be an issue and unhealthy for sensitive groups readings were seen in the LA basin. In Reseda in the San Fernando Valley, ozone exceeded 100 ppb for much of the day.

Another area of USG was seen for PM2.5 today in Indiana. While we continue to watch the Iceland volcanoes, little ash or SO2 has been seen. In Africa, however, a significant SO2 plume has been seen for the last few days from Nyiragongo Volcano.

A very clear image of the Northwest Passage was available today from MODIS on Worldview and it is too bad Franklin tried to go through there in 1809. Today, he would have made it. Unfortunately, now, they will be trying it with oil laden supertankers.

Update: August 31, 2014 19:13 EDT

The Bároarbunga volcano continues to grow. A 4 kilometer long "dike" of magma is bursting through the glacier to the surface. A very nice photodiary is on the Daily Kos site.

Posted by Ray Hoff at August 30, 2014 9:04 PM
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