September 2, 2014

Fires and Smoke in Pacific Northwest. USG AQI Forecasted for MidAtlantic

The EPA AQI forecast, below left, shows areas of Moderate/USG AQI along the coast of the Mid-Atlantic region, mostly for PM 2.5. Although the forecast called for much higher AQI values, none of these areas attained Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups status. NOAA IDEA, below right, shows the MODIS Aqua AOD retrieval throughout the country for today. Notable elevated AOD levels are throughout the Pacific Northwest and stretching downwards to the Southwest. This may be the convolution of residual smoke from westward wildfires and local dust blowing in Nevada/Arizona.

The HMS fire and smoke product, below left, shows smoke in the Pacific Northwest region, mostly in CA, OR, and WA. Smoke is mostly residing on the border of Oregon and CA. These fires are the reasons for the elevated AOD in the MODIS image above. The NAAPS aerosol model, bottom right, shows the aerosol distribution over the country today. This shows increased sulfates in the Mid-Atlantic region (which is consistent with the AQI forecast). The model also shows the presence of fires at the surface from the CA/OR border, which as mentioned earlier, is verified by the HMS.

Hazy skies prevailed during today's lidar observations. Clouds capped the boundary layer after 16:00 UTC.

Posted by John Sullivan at September 2, 2014 8:22 PM
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