February 8, 2017

Agricultural Fires in Florida

Today the vast majority of the nation experienced good air quality. There were a few small areas in the Northwest, The Plains, and the Mississippi Valley that saw some moderate (code yellow) air quality due to a few fires in those regions, or due to smoke traveling into those regions from other places, but overall the poor air quality coverage was quite small (AirNow image, left). The image on the right shows a few small plumes of light to medium density smoke in the Southern Plains; these plumes are being produced by the aforementioned fires. Several Agricultural and prescribed fires have also been taking place in southern Florida the past few days (HMS image, right). These fires produced light to medium density smoke, which is traveling in a northeast trajectory. Extensive cloud coverage today made it impossible to obtain satellite imagery.

Posted by Julio Roman at February 8, 2017 11:51 PM
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