March 3, 2017

Several Fires in Southeastern and Mid-Western States

This evening saw several fires breaking out across the southeastern and mid-western states. As shown in the NOAA Smoke and Fire Product (top, left), Mississippi, Georgia, Florida, and Alabama had multiple fires break out. NOAA's HMS Analysis Team reports that these fires caused light to moderate smoke that is traveling towards the Gulf of Mexico. South Carolina also had fires occur, which produced light to moderate smoke that is traveling towards the coast. In the mid-western states, eastern Oklahoma and western Arkansas had many fires produce some denser smoke. The plumes are traveling towards Kansas and Missouri.

Shown in the NASA AOD image (top, right), the multiple fire break outs caused some low to moderate (light orange) density in aerosols across the mid-western states and in the southeast. The Air Now Ozone AQI (bottom) shows that there were also pockets of moderate ozone levels (yellow) reported in Wyoming, with a small area encroaching into unhealthy for sensitive groups (orange). A moderate ozone level was seen along the eastern half of Oklahoma and in the northeastern corner of Texas.

Posted by reuyeda at March 3, 2017 10:42 PM
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