March 7, 2017

Fires in Florida and the Southern Plains

The first image on the top left, NOAA HMS Smoke and Fire, shows a lot of activity. First, two sets of wildfires in burn in Florida, one near Naples and one further north near Tallahassee. The Naples fires have created medium sized plumes of mostly light density smoke. These plumes are traveling northwest across the Gulf of Mexico and the remnants are fanning out over portions of the panhandle. The fires near Tallahassee are creating smaller plumes of light density smoke as well, which are traveling north toward Georgia. This picture also shows a large plume of light to medium density smoke extending from western Texas, out to Alabama, and up to Illinois and Indiana. The smoke was created by large wildfires that continue to burn in western Oklahoma and northwestern Texas. Their intensity has gradually diminished as winds died down. The large plume is a combination of smoke and blowing dust which is affecting the air quality in the area. The AirNow animation, top right, shows the source of the fires as unhealthy, code red, and the surrounding areas as unhealthy for special groups and moderate, code orange and yellow respectively, the further away from the source the areas are. The moderate, code yellow, air quality observed in the Northeast is likely due to local pollution. The GASP animation, bottom left, shows the AOD in the southern Plains, which shows the severe unhealthy levels experienced by the region. Also, small spots of dust were seen blowing from northeast colorado in a southeasterly direction into Nebraska and Kansas (VIIRS image, bottom right).

Posted by Julio Roman at March 7, 2017 11:10 PM
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