March 9, 2017

Smoke raises PM 2.5 levels in Southeastern US

There were Code Yellow (Moderate) levels of PM 2.5 in the mid-Plains States as well as the Mississippi Valley (AirNow, top left). Code Orange (Unsafe for Sensitive Groups) and Code Red(Unsafe) levels were also seen over South Carolina and Georgia. This is most likely due to smoke seen in this area, as seen in NOAA's HMS map, top left. Despite the smoke in this area being mostly light density smoke, the air quality was most likely affected so much because of the slow and stagnant winds over the Southeast area (NOAA, bottom left). The smoke most likely stayed in these areas instead of being blown away by the wind, raising the total amount of PM 2.5 in the area. Finally, the smoke was seen in NASA's MODIS Terra satellite images, bottom right.

Posted by mglover at March 9, 2017 6:42 PM
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