May 8, 2017

Seasonal Fires and Ozone

Today, we observed a light to moderate amount of ozone over a widespread area as seen in the AirNow image below (top left). For the past few weeks, we have been experiencing seasonal fires along the Southeast and Mississippi Valley regions of the nation. However, fires in Mexico and parts of Central America produced light to moderate smoke that has traveled over the Gulf of Mexico (HMS, top right). Backward Hysplit trajectories for the last 2 days show that wind has traveled from the Gulf to Louisiana carrying along with it already present remnant smoke and causing a heightened AQI (bottom left). The EOSDIS image below (bottom right) shows the areas where Aerosol Optical Depth was concentrated but due to cloud coverage, the system wasn't able to gather data from those areas. It is believed that the elevated AQI and smoke has contributed to the Ozone across nation.

Posted by gaduran1 at May 8, 2017 11:41 PM
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