May 15, 2017

Remnant Smoke, Ozone and Dust

Observed today was majority light levels of air quality throughout the nation. Ozone, remnant smoke and dust were all contributors to the light to moderate levels of air quality throughout the day. Ozone, as seen in the AirNow image below (top left) was more widespread and covered many of the states and it is believed that a combination of high temperatures, remnant smoke and dust contributed to the pollution that caused Ozone. Fires were seen in the Great Lakes region and some smoke was originated to what is believed to be wildfires in Canada and made its way over Lake Michigan and northern Illinois. Smoke was again seen moving across the Gulf of Mexico and made its way into the Southern States like Florida. Remnant smoke was observed over this area from the West Mims wildfire seen early last week (HMS, top right). In the Copernicus image below (bottom), dust was seen moving across Arizona.

Posted by gaduran1 at May 15, 2017 11:15 PM
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