May 16, 2017

Elevated Ozone, and Smoke in South

A large plume of remnant smoke from the seasonal burns in Central America has traveled north into the southern portion of Texas. This large plume is also covering a large portion of the Gulf of Mexico, and some it is making its way to Florida as well (HMS image, top left). The smoke for the wildfire down in the Florida-Georgia Border seems to have ceased temporarily in spite of the fire being only 23% contained up to now, but a large plume of remnant smoke is traveling north over the ocean along the east coast. There are, however, a few more small firer which are generating small plumes of smoke, all seemingly traveling north and north east. Ozone levels for a large chunk of the nation were elevated today reaching moderate, code yellow, levels. The AirNow Ozone AQI image, top right, shows us the extensive coverage of ozone affecting the air quality in this whole are. The ozone was likely due to elevated temperatures, low winds, and possibly some local pollution. Particulate matter did not play a large role in poor air quality today. There are a few areas where PM 2.5 seems to have affected air quality, but that is likely due to remnant smoke aloft, and local pollution. Southern Texas, in spite of the aforementioned smoke plume, did not experience poor air quality (AirNow PM image, bottom left).

Posted by Julio Roman at May 16, 2017 11:36 PM
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