June 12, 2017

High Temperatures and Concentrated Ozone

Today we observed a nice and rather clear day. In the northeast and the Mid-Atlantic regions of the nation we observed a lot of heavy concentrations of Ozone in the air as observed in the AirNow image below (top left). Lufft ceilometer image at UMBC in Baltimore provides a plot of the particulate matter concentrations during the 95°F temperatures observed throughout the day (top right). It is believed that high temperatures and low winds were big contributors the heightened levels of Ozone observed along the Northeast region of the US. As well, low to moderate levels of biomass burning was seen covering almost all the United States throughout the day and may have contributed as well to the heightened levels of Ozone, especially that of the ozone concentrations seen in the Rocky Mountain States (bottom).

Posted by gaduran1 at June 12, 2017 11:16 PM
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