July 9, 2017

Canadian Smoke Spreads to Continental US

Saturday showed normal ozone AQI levels (for this time of year); code red(unhealthy) in southern California, and code orange(unhealthy for sensitive groups) in California and Utah (AirNow, top left). The HMS image in the top right shows the smoke from several fires in Northern, North America. The smoke spans nearly the entire country of Canada and extends into the northern Plain states. The majority of this smoke comes from a number of fires in eastern Alaska, Yukon Territory, and Northwest Territories. The second HMS images in the bottom left shows heavy, medium and light density smoke in California, with remnants extending into Nevada, Oregon, and Idaho, as well as off the coast of southern California. The source of this smoke is two fires in California: The Wall fire in northern part of the state, and the Alamo fire in the southern part. These fires also seem to have a clear effect on AOD, shown by the NASA WorldView image in the bottom right (red corresponds to high AOD, yellow: low AOD).

Posted by ben48 at July 9, 2017 9:26 PM
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