July 18, 2017

Heavy fires and Elevated Ozone

For the previous week, fires in Canada and British Colombia have been producing mass amounts of smoke that has been spanning over much of the border of Canada and the States as seen in the EOSDIS image below (top left). Much of the smoke has been concentrated over multiple fires in Southern British Colombia right above Washington. Trajectories show much of that smoke will be moving east towards the Great Lakes region of the nation as seen in the VIIRS CONUS image below (top right). PM stayed high today across the nation, even over the southern portion of the Mississippi Valley and much of Texas and Florida due to Saharan Dust moving west as observed in the Copernicus image below (mid left). Ozone had reached high concentrations today too in the Pacific Southwest region and the Great Lakes region (AirNow, mid right). It is believed that with the rather high temperatures (weather.gov, bottom) and the mass amount of smoke and PM making its way through the Great lakes region, could have all been contributors to the elevated ozone in the region. Low winds and elevated temperatures in the Pacific Southwest may have been factors to the heightened concentrations of ozone in this region.

Posted by gaduran1 at July 18, 2017 11:00 PM
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