August 8, 2017

Smoke from British Columbia in the US

Today was a bad day in Air Quality news with heightened levels of Aerosol Optical Depth (AOD) across the nation as a whole and into the Pacific Ocean as seen in the HMS image below (top left). Fires along the border of Idaho and Montana have been producing a heavy concentration of smoke that has been mostly dense to its respective area. However, in conjunction with the fires in British Columbia, AOD had reached dangerous levels and unhealthy for sensitive groups in the upper Pacific Northwest region of the United states (EOSDIS, top right). As temperatures stayed high (NOAA climate chart, middle left) and smoke was in such high concentrations along the Pacific Northwest area, it is believed that they were factors to the elevated levels of ozone. In the Terra satellite imaging below (middle right) we observe the dense amounts of smoke from north of the US Canadian border travelling southeast and west in the States and out into the Pacific Ocean. In the National Park Service webcam footage for Olympic National Park in Washington, we see a comparison of what a good day in Air Quality news should like and what it would look like on a bad day (bottom left). As fires grow and smoke becomes more dense in the area of British Columbia and Washington, we can see the effect this has had on us in Pacific Northwest as smoke becomes more dense in Olympic National Park (bottom right).

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