September 17, 2017

Low Ozone Levels; Smoke in the Northwest

The AirNow particulate matter AQI image (top left) shows mostly moderate levels throughout the day. However, it reached levels that were unhealthy for sensitive groups(orange) in California, Oregon, Washington, and briefly, in Oklahoma. In addition, California, Oregon, and Washington reached unhealthy conditions (red). The particularly high PM AQI levels may be due, in part, to several small fires in those areas. The HMS image shows small areas of medium and light density smoke there (top right). A separate HMS image shows a large area of light density remnant smoke spanning most of the Great Lakes, and Northeast regions, as well as the northern Mid-Atlantic region (HMS, bottom left). The origin of this smoke is unknown, but it is moving northeast. Surface Ozone AQI was low today, it didn't reach more than moderate levels (AirNow, bottom right).

Posted by ben48 at September 17, 2017 9:11 PM
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