September 26, 2017

Hurricane Maria and AOD

Today we observed a rather moderate day with low to moderate levels of AQI throughout the nation as seen in the AirNow image below (top left). As Hurricane Maria continues its path, surrounding clouds carry a lot of dirt and other pollutants over the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions as seen below (EOSDIS, top right). The Mississippi Valley and the Great Lakes region saw heightened levels of PM and Ozone throughout the day. Sulfates were once again observed over the Great Lakes region and stretching as far south as Texas (Copernicus mid left). Sulfate concentrations were most dense on the border of Texas and Mexico. It is believed that the raise in Ozone is because of high temperatures (NOAA climate chart, mid right) and smoke from agricultural fires in Arkansas and Louisiana (HMS, bottom). Fires in California have produced smoke that has traveled southwest into the Pacific Ocean.

Posted by gaduran1 at September 26, 2017 11:25 PM
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