October 29, 2017

wildfire season ends

The end of wildfire season brings reduced particulate matter levels than in the previous months. The AirNow image in the top left shows PM AQI throughout the day. It maintains mostly moderate levels, with levels that are unhealthy for sensitive groups (orange) in California and Nevada, with both these areas very briefly reaching unhealthy levels (red). The HMS image (top right) shows very little fire activity on Sunday, just some small areas of light smoke in California, Arizona, and at the border of Texas and Louisiana. The colder weather is not only slowing down wildfire activity, the AirNow ozone AQI image at the bottom shows that surface ozone has also seen a decline since the past months, reaching levels that are unhealthy for sensitive groups (orange) in California.

Posted by ben48 at October 29, 2017 10:46 PM
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