November 22, 2017

Smoke plumes in Mississippi Valley and Aerosol in California

Due to agricultural burns, there were several small, thin density smoke plumes over the Lower Mississippi Valley (travelling south-southwest) and Midwest (travelling north) (top left, HMS).
In Western Alberta, a smoke plume was visible travelling north-northeast from the parent fire. Visibility was obstructed by patchy cloud cover leading us to believe there may have been more plumes.

A small amount of Saharan dust was visible travelling westward across the Caribbean (top right, Copernicus). It extended from the north-northwest to south-central Caribbean.

Moderate levels of aerosols were seen scattered across the States. Levels reached Code Orange in Central California (bottom left, AirNow). In the southern San Joaquin Valley (California), aerosol was observed moving south towards the southwestern edge of the valley. It has caused visibility issues from Fresno to Bakersfield throughout a large portion of the day. The aerosol is likely increased sulfate from car emissions due to increased travel for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Ozone levels across the U.S. were low today with moderate levels in the southwest.

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