July 12, 2018

Plains States smoke continues to spread

PM 2.5 levels were low today, but widespread, with Code Yellow (Moderate) levels of particulate matter being seen in the Pacific Southwest, the Mid-Atlantic, the Mississippi Valley, the Southeast, the Great Lakes region, and the Plains States (AirNow, top left). However, there were also Code Orange (Unsafe for Sensitive Groups), Code Red (Unsafe), and Code Purple (Very Unhealthy) levels in Oklahoma. The PM 2.5 spread along the East coast was most likely to the ongoing wildfires in the east and the mid-east. The spread of this smoke can be seen in NOAA's HMS map, top right. Light plumes of the smoke was also captured in NASA's MODIS Terra images, bottom left. Lastly, ozone levels were also mostly in Code Yellow levels today, with ozone being seen in the mid-west and parts of the East Coast.

Posted by mglover at July 12, 2018 9:18 PM
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