Smog Blog is Back Online. Good AQI in Baltimore.

Smog Blog is back online. The last few months we have been updating hardware in order to offer, as we have done for over a decade, a daily diary of air quality in the United States. Web links to past and present products showcased in this site will be available in the next few weeks. Please stay tuned. Feel free to leave comments. Archived posts are available upon request.

The image above has the last 18 hours of lidar observations (1064 nm Lufft CHM15k) at UMBC. Clouds advected between 7:00-12:00 UTC (2:00-7:00 AM Local Time. The mixing layer height is below 1.5 km. Wave like returns at top of mixing layer in the first 12 hours of observations suggest presence of bore/gravity waves.

Aerosol Optical Depth retrievals from sun photometer measurements (AERONET) at UMBC indicate that today fine particulate matter is present within the mixing layer.

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  1. Glad this is back on-line. There are times when you have provided possible reasons for elevated levels of pollutants. Hoping that continues as we are sometimes asked for the same information. Also, hoping you can continue to keep it lay terms for the public to understand.


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