Moderate Ozone Levels in Baltimore Region; Unhealthy Ozone Levels in Southern California and Arizona; Smoke over Alaska, North CONUS and Canadian Regions

For the Baltimore region, the EPA AIRNow Air Quality Map shows Good (Code Green) air quality in the morning and nighttime (Figure 1).  In the middle of the day, Moderate (Code Yellow) AQI levels develop and recede.  Unhealthy (Code Red) and Unsafe for Sensitive Groups (Code Orange) ozone levels can be seen in both southern California and Arizona during midday (Figure 2).  All these circumstances illustrate how hot portions of the day can exacerbate ozone levels and create safety concerns.



Hazard Mapping System Fire and Smoke Product from NOAA reports the  continuing effects of Russian wildfires and Canadian smoke plumes on regions of Alaska, Canada, the Great lakes, and the North Atlantic.

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