William’s Flat Fire Growing; Moderate Smoke heading for the East Coast

A general view of the Hazard Mapping System Smoke and Fire Product map shows light to moderate smoke levels across Alaska, Canada, and the northern CONUS (Figure 1).  Today’s map does not show the heavy smoke density seen yesterday in Alaska and British Columbia.  Most noticeable is the heavy smoke that is still emanating from the William’s Flat Fire in the western part of Washington State.  This high density smoke has traveled east into Idaho and the northwest of Montana .  It is also spreading north into the southern parts of British Columbia and Alberta.  Even northern Wyoming is affected (Figure 2).  INCIWEB reports that this fire has grown to 40,000 acres and 25% of the perimeter is contained.  1,059 personnel are reportedly working to quell the fire.  A satellite image from GOES-East obtained from NOAA’s Aerosol Watch shows the intensity of the growing smoke plume and how it extends into the surrounding areas (Figure 3).  The smoke is circled in red and is grayer than the nearby white clouds.  

Light and moderate smoke stretches across the north-central parts of the CONUS and the south-central parts of Canada.  A comparison to yesterday’s hazard map indicates a south-easterly flow of moderate smoke levels.  This trend suggests that these smoke levels may soon reach the east coast and affect air quality in the Atlantic region (Figure 4 and 5).

Aug 07, 2019

Aug 08, 2019


All satellite images are retrieved from Aerosol Watch provided by NOAA.

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