William’s Flat Smoke Dissipates Over the Weekend; Smoke Levels Grow in Alaska Near the Yukon.

August 10:

August 11:

Figure 1 and 2 from NOAA’s HMS show smoke levels caused by the William’s Flat Fire on August 10 and 11 respectively.  Notice how on Aug 10, smoke levels are moderate near the Colville reservation and only light in surrounding areas.  By August 11, smoke levels are no longer visible to the NOAA hazard map.  This is a large improvement from heavy smoke levels seen last week.  INCIWEB reports that although the fire is now 45% contained, it is still 44,670 acres large.  Despite improvements, authorities are still hard at work and local caution levels are still in effect.  Specifically, dry weather in the region still threatens the stability of the fire.

Figure 3 and 4 are also hazard maps provided by NOAA’s HMS and show smoke levels for Aug 10 and Aug 11 respectively.

Aug 10

Aug 11

Notice the development of heavy and moderate smoke levels in northern Alaska on August 11.  INCIWEB provided an update on Aug 11 for a fire in this area called the Chalkyitsik/Cornucopia Complex fire near Alaska’s border with the Yukon.  The complex was caused by lightening on July 9 and has an impressive size of 501,629 acres.  Fire authorities are making steady progress in containment but the burning of fuels, such as black spruce, are producing visible smoke.  The fire still poses a threat to the nearby Gwich’in villages of Chalkyitsik, Beaver, and Venetie.  Cloud cover makes satellite imaging of this area difficult to analyze.  

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