Unhealthy Ozone Levels East of Los Angeles; Heavy Smoke in Alberta

This map from AirNow shows Unhealthy levels of ozone east of Los Angeles near San Bernadino and Riverside County (Figure 1).  The lower limit for the Unhealthy ozone levels is 85 ppb for the 8-hr avg.  Ground level ozone detectors in both of these counties show spikes in ozone levels above this lower limit (Figures 2 and 3).  The graphs are obtained from AirNow-Tech.  Figure 2 shows detectors in Riverside County and Figure 3 shows detectors in San Bernadino County.

The HMS map shows heavy smoke in the northern half of Alberta with data recovered from the GOES-East Satellite.  Natural Resources Canada shows 7 fire hot spots all across Alberta, several of which are in the northern half.

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