Swan Lake Fire in Alaska; Unhealthy PM 2.5 Levels in Anchorage

The HMS image above shows smoke that was released from the Swan Lake Fire (Figure 1).  INCIWEB reports that the fire will be contained by Saturday, August 31st. The fire had been started by lightning in a remote area of the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge Wilderness. Most highways in the region have been reopened. In good news, the fire has been reported to have some ecological benefits for the region as unhealthier trees have been burned down and younger plants have started to sprout.

The AirNow Tech graph above shows that the PM 2.5 levels in Anchorage reached into the 108-130 ppm range (Figure 2).  This constitutes a Code Red (Unhealthy) level of PM 2.5 in the area (Figure 2).

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