Amazon Fire Leading to Extreme Levels of PM in Air; Sheridan Fire Being Used for Good

The NRL/Monterey Aerosol image above shows that a massive fire in the Amazon Rainforest is leading to an extreme level of Smoke Concentration levels in South America. The smoke concentration in South America exceeds 512 ug /m^3 (Figure 1).

The Nasa Worldview image above shows the smoke coming from the fire, it looks much paler and grey than the clouds and smoke around it (Figure 2). Below the high AOD concentration matches the same places that the smoke are coming from (Figure 3). 

The HMS image below shows the Sheridan Fire that is taking place in Prescott National Forest in Arizona on August 21st (Figure 4). The fire had been started by lightning, but INCIWEB reports that the fire is being used to, “to reduce fuels and improve resource conditions in the area.”

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