Smoke Moving South in Africa; Good Aerosol Optical Depth Across the CONUS; Good AQI Levels in Maryland

This NASA EOSDIS Worldview image shows widespread smoke in the southern region of the African continent. The smoke is much grayer than the white clouds (Figure 1).  On Aug 22, the Smog Blog reported this smoke over the Congo region and the northern parts of Angola. This current image shows the smoke now stretching from the Congo into the southern parts of Angola and even into the neighboring nations of Namibia, Botswana and Zambia.

The NASA EOSDIS Worldview with Aerosol Optical Depth corroborates this fact, showing high AOD in the same region (Figure 2). The AOD color code ranges from light yellow (least AOD) to red (most AOD).  For contrast, the NASA Worldview shows generally low AOD levels throughout the contiguous United States for the day (Figure 3).

The above AirNow map of the Maryland region shows Good (Green) AQI levels for the entire day (Figure 4). The AirNow Tech graphs below show the hourly PM 2.5 levels in micrograms per cubic meter (Figure 5) and the Hourly 8-hour ozone levels in parts per billion (Figure 6) for all air quality stations in Maryland. Both graphs corroborate the low AQI levels in the region throughout the day.

PM 2.5 Levels throughout Maryland (micrograms per cubic meter):

Hourly 8-hour Ozone Levels throughout Maryland (parts per billion):


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