Brazil Air Quality Affecting Children in City of Puerto Vuelo

Yahoo reported that the town of Puerto Vuelo has lines of parents waiting outside the local hospitals to get treatment for their children struggling to breathe due to the smoke created by the Amazon wildfire. The smoke in the region congests the lungs of young children in the region and even burning their eyes. Airports in the region have even been shut down due to the fire.

In the NASA Worldview images above it is clear that there is a concentrated amount of smoke in the region as shown by the dark red regions highlighted on the map. The smoke is visible from space as shown by the grey smoke emanating from the Amazon in the NASA Worldview image above.

The World Air Map, reports that on September 1st the AQI in the region reached a Red(Unhealthy Level) as the AQI reached 112 ppb well within the 96-115 ppb range that the US uses to rate their Unhealthy AQI category.  The region has also faced Very Unhealthy (116-374 ppb) levels many times within the last month.

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