Smoke Traveling Over Midwest, Agricultural Fires in Indonesia

The NOAA HMS image above shows that the Pedro Mountain Fire has been releasing smoke that has been traveling all across the Midwest on September 3rd. The result of this smoke is that states such as Kansas have been having worse air quality. In the AirNow Tech graph below the AQI actually reached Orange(Unhealthy for Sensitive Individuals) as graphs show measurements well within the 33.5-55.4 µg/m3 range for an Orange AQI. INCIWEB reports that the Pedro Mountain fire was caused by a lightning strike and is 60% contained.


The FIRMS image above shows that there is a large concentration of fires taking place in Indonesia on August 3rd. The NRL/Monterey Aerosol image below shows that this smoke is spreading over the South East Asian Region. The New York Times reports that these fires are agricultural fires that are getting out of control.

The World Air Map, reports that the AQI in the city of  Palangkaraya, Indonesia has reached a Purple(Hazardous AQI) which is the range of 250.5 – 350.4 µg/m3 according to American standards on September 3rd.


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