Tame Levels of Air Quality in Maryland While Illinois, Iowa, and Missouri Experience Code Yellow

The AirNow Map image above shows the hourly air quality index (AQI) of Illinois, Iowa, and Missouri while the AirNow Map image below shows the hourly AQI of Maryland. On September 19th, the collective region of Illinois, Iowa, and Missouri show that the combined particulate matter and ozone contribute to Moderate (Code Yellow, Index Values of 51-100) level of AQI. Comparatively, the map of Maryland indicates Good (Code Green, Index Values of 0-50) levels of AQI.

The NOAA STAR Aerosol Watch images above agree with the AirNow images of these respective states. These trajectory forecasts plot aerosol optical depths (AOD) in color contours and air parcel trajectory forecast in magenta to white colors. These animations emphasize the potential vertical movement of high aerosol loads in the troposphere. Darker color trajectories indicate a flow of air towards the surface while white color trajectories indicate an upward movement in the airflow.

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