Fires in Australia

Australian wildfires have intensified since the beginning of January. The NRL/Monterey Aerosol image above shows that the South-Eastern part of Australia has a large concentration of smoke. This is shown by the purple spots which have a concentration of >512 ug/m**3.

This is corroborated by the NASA Worldview and the Copernicus Global Forecast Plot images which show a large AOD trail coming off of the South-Eastern part of Australia.

The World Air Map charts below show that the monthly AQI measurement for Sydney Australia is mostly purple (150-200 AQI). The yearly World Air Map chart shows that around November Sydney’s AQI started to increase as Australia’s fire season began. BBC reports that by January 5th more than 14.8 million acres had been burned with 20 people died. They also report that this is 4 times the size of the 2019 Amazon fires.



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