Increased Level of Ozone in Baltimore County & Fire in New Mexico

The AirNow Map image above shows that there is a moderate level of ozone in a majority of Maryland (an AQI of 51-100 in yellow) and in Baltimore County, Maryland there is an unhealthy level of ozone for sensitive groups (an AQI of 101-150 in orange).

The AirNow Tech graph shows there is an increased level of ozone in the Baltimore County region as the hourly ozone reached a maximum of close to 90 ppb.

The Hazard Map image above shows there is an increased concentration of smoke in the north of Texas and originates from the eastern portion of New Mexico.

The NOAA Aerosol Watch image above shows an increased level of particulate matter originating from the same region shown in the Hazard Map image above.

The NOAA Aerosol Watch image above shows a clearer picture of smoke originating from eastern New Mexico. INCIWEB reports a fire in the same region which has been named the Farm Camp Fire. It has been reported to have been started by lightning, has burned 12,000 acres, and is 50 percent contained.

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