An In Depth Look into Historic Saharan Dust Plume

The latest Saharan Dust storm that has crossed the Atlantic Ocean has transported dust that reaches historic proportions. Dr. Olga Mayol of the Institute for Tropical Ecosystem Studies at the University of Puerto Rico has stated that this plume has dropped the highest dust concentrations of dust in Puerto Rico in the last 15 years. The tweet from Maria T Vincens shows just how thick the dust has been in Puerto Rico, to the point of severely limiting visibility.

The NASA Worldview video above shows the sand traveling across the Atlantic Ocean over the course of over a week.

The World Air Map image above shows that in Pointe-à-Pitre there were increased levels of AQI. The maximum AQI was on Tuesday the 23rd in which the AQI reached 213. This AQI was extreme to the point that almost all long-term outdoor activity could be harmful to an individual’s health.

A massive dust cloud from the Sahara Desert is poised to spread over the U.S. Gulf Coast the next few days.

NOAA has reported that this dust plume, now nicknamed “Godzilla,” is around 2 miles thick within the atmosphere. There is so much dust that has been carried over that it is predicted that some of the dust will also affect the United States as well. The effects will be seen as more colorful sunsets and a small layer of dust on objects outside.


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