Smoke Concentration from Western Wildfires moving Northward & Tropical Storms in the Gulf

The NOAA Hazard Mapping System Fire and Smoke Produce image above heavy smoke concentration from wildfires originating in the Western region of the United States is taking a path upward towards Canada before drifting diagonally southward towards Kansas. Lidar/ceilometer observations show that there is a smoke that is contained between 0-4 km. In these sites, the air quality is decreased as shown by the Airnow Map image below. The PM 2.5 levels reach between a moderate and Unhealthy Level (51-200 AQI).

Ceilometer sites showing smoke aloft today:





In the Atlantic, there are multiple storms that are strengthening. The National Hurricane Center image below shows that there are three storms growing in which from left to right; Beta, Teddy, and Wilfred. Teddy is currently already at hurricane strength while Beta and Wilfred are at Tropical Storm strength.

The NASA Worldview image below shows satellite imagery of the storms.

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