Mutiple Fires in Arizona & Increased Ozone in the Northeast

The NOAA Hazard Mapping System Fire and Smoke Product image above shows a heavy concentration of smoke that originates from  Arizona.

The NOAA Aerosol Watch image above supports this claim as there is an increased concentration of AODs originating from the same area of Arizona from before. INCIWEB reports that in this region is the Telegraph Fire and the Mescal Fire. The two fires together have burned over 90,000 acres.

The AirNow image above shows that there is a large concentration of Ozone in the Northeast region of the United States. The concentration of Ozone spans from Minnesota to the Atlantic Coast. In addition, Air Quality off the Atlantic Coast and above Lake Michigan reaches levels unhealthy for sensitive groups (Orange, 101-150).

The Plume Labs image above shows that the air quality in New York City was at its worse on July 6th. Plume Labs reports that the AQI in the city reached 96 on June 6th at  1;47 p.m.  An AQI of 96 is well into the Moderate range as moderate is 50-100.

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