Fires in Ontario & High Levels of Ozone in New York

The NOAA Hazard Mapping System Fire and Smoke Product image above shows a moderate amount of smoke originating from Ontario, Canada. The smoke originates from Ontario above Lake Superior.

The Canadian Fire Hotspots Map above supports this claim as there are multiple hotspots located where the sources of the smoke are.

The AirNow Map image above shows an increased level of Ozone around New York. Above New York City, the Ozone AQI reaches Moderate levels (51-100, Yellow).

The CCNY Luft data from July 7th, 2021 supports this claim as there is a mixing between air 4000 meters and 2000 meters between 9:00 and 15:00 UTC which may have resulted in increased levels of ozone reaching the surface.

AirNow Tech also supports this claim as Celiometer data from July 7th shows AQI reaching above 56 during the same time span as the Luft data shown above. An AQI above 56 reaches well into the Moderate ozone levels.

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