Saharan Dust Reaches United States & Fire in Oregon

The AirNow Map image above shows an moderate level of Particulate Matter going across the southern coast of the United States. The Air Quality in southern Texas and the southern half of Florida is between 51-100.

The NRL/Monterey Aerosol image shows that there is an increased level of dust surface concentration on the Eastern Coast of the United States. The dust originates from the Sahara Desert and crossed over the Atlantic Ocean.

The NOAA Hazard Mapping System Fire and Smoke Product shows an heavy concentration of smoke in Oregon.

The AirNow image above supports this claim as there as an increased air quality in the same region of Oregon. The Air Quality in this region of Oregon reaches a moderate level (between 51-100).

The NOAA Aerosol Watch shows an increased concentration of Aerosols in Oregon. INCIWEB reports that in this region is S-503 fire. The S-503 has burned over 6000 acres and is only 20 percent contained.

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