Fires in British Columbia & Increased Ozone in Maryland

The NOAA Hazard Mapping System Fire and Smoke Product shows heavy smoke concentrations originating from British Columbia.

The Canadian Fire Hotspots Map supports the claim above as there are hotspots in the same regions of British Columbia as shown before.

The NRL/Monterey Aerosol image shows a high concentration of Smoke Surface Concentration in both similar regions of British Columbia. The Smoke Surface Concentration reaches above 512 ug/m*3 at the max concentration.

The AirNow Map image above shows that the Air Quality in Maryland reaches Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups (101-150, Orange). The increase in the air quality index is due to ozone.

The NOAA Aerosol Watch image above supports this claim as there is an increased level of aerosols in the same region of ozone shown before.

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