Hoosier National Forest Prescribed Burns & Increased Ozone Levels in Maryland

The NOAA Hazard Mapping System Fire and Smoke Product image above shows an increased concentration of smoke coming from the mid-west United States.

The Aerosol Watch image above supports this claim as there is an increased concentration of AODs in the same region of the United States as shown in the image above.

The AirNow Map image above shows an increased concentration of PM in the midwest United States traveling upwards towards the East Coast. Most of the area has an Air Quality that is Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups (Orange, 101-150), but in certain spots, the Air Quality reaches Unhealthy (Red, 151-200).  The increased levels of PM are most likely due to smoke originating from Canadian Fires drifting down towards the Midwest.

The AirNow map above shows that the ozone levels in regions of Maryland reach levels that are Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups (Orange, 101-150).

The AirNow Tech map above supports this as in the Baltimore region multiple ceilometers found moderate levels of ozone (Yellow, 51-100) in similar regions of Maryland.


2 Replies to “Hoosier National Forest Prescribed Burns & Increased Ozone Levels in Maryland”

  1. I was surprised to see a reference to prescribed burns in the Hoosier National Forest as possible cause for elevated PM2.5 and Ozone. When clicking on the INCIWEB link provided, it appears that the prescribed burns referenced were conducted in April. It would seem that the smoke being seen in the midwest and mid Atlantic regions are from the Northwest US and/or Canadian wildfires.

    1. Thank you for bringing it to our attention and you are correct! We will correct that ASAP! We hope you continue reading the SmogBlog!

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