Update on British Columbia Fires & Increased Ozone on East Coast

The NOAA Hazard Mapping System Fire and Smoke Product image above shows a heavy concentration of smoke with multiple origins from British Columbia.

The NOAA Aerosol Watch image above supports this claim as there is a large concentration of AODs coming from lower British Columbia.

The AirNow image above shows that in lower British Columbia the Air Quality index reaches Unhealthy levels (Red, 151-200).

The Canadian Fire Danger Map image above shows that much of southern British Columbia is under extreme fire danger, (Red). In addition, there is a multitude of active fires in this same region. CBC reports that an increased level of temperatures in the region is helping the strengths of these fires, however, the region has received more fire fighters from other countries to help battle these fires.  

The AirNow image above shows an increased concentration of ozone going down the East Coast of the United States. In New Jersey, the Air Quality index due to the ozone reaches Unhealthy levels (Red, 151-200).

The Copernicus Global Forecast image above shows an increased concentration of NO2 on the Eastern Coast. An increased level of NO2 often means an increased level of ozone in the same region as NO2 is a precursor for ozone.

Luft data from CCNY and visualized on the Atmospheric Lidar Group’s Celiometer Network shows that between 0:00 and 9:00 UTC, ozone from the upper atmosphere came down and mixed with the surface.

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