Wambugu Kironji

B.S. in Computer Science

UMBC, Graduated May 2019

Other names: Innocent Kironji


Research Interests: Lidar, Planetary boundary layer, Data processing

Wambugu joined the UMBC Atmospheric Lidar Group in May 2018. His research project consisted of comparing ceilometer backscatter data to gain a better understanding of instrument limitations and what is necessary to work around these limitations for the establishment of remote sensing networks. The locations of the ceilometers central to his research being in Baltimore and Beltsville, Maryland. Wambugu is a NOAA NCAS-M fellow and his research in collaboration with Howard University Beltsville Campus. In addition he managed databases and server administrator for the group. At Howard University’s Belstville Campus, Wambugu assisted with reviving old instruments on the campus that were no longer in use to benefit future researchers at the site. He also worked on setting up MFR solar radiometers along with easy-to-follow instructions on how to set them up.